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Building Strong Content Strategy in 2021


As a forward-thinking business owner in 2021, you are always thinking of ways to achieve set business objectives and reach your target audience. However, one thing could be the game-changer for the results you seek: Content Strategy. Content strategy prevents churning out content that does not meet the needs of your audience, as your audience wants value for their time and resources.

But, let’s answer the big question.

What is content strategy?

Content strategy refers to all the processes of planning, creation, management, and distribution of digital media to target audiences to achieve set business objectives. By content, we mean both written, audio, and even videos for reaching out to your target audience.

Importance of Content Strategy

A good content strategy systematically leads potent customers down the sales funnel irrespective of their position in the funnel. Without a detailed content strategy, your audience would form their perspective about you, but what you need is a clear statement of who you are, what you do, and what your brand represents.


Also, a content strategy helps to build credibility and consistency, as you know what exact content to place in front of your audience, where and when to place it.

The Steps in Content Strategy

  1. Have well-defined goals: Content strategy is an effective tool for achieving business objectives; however, you can tailor your content to hit only clear-cut goals and objectives. Examples of such goals could be:
  • To improve brand awareness
  • Boost sales
  • Increase organic traffic
  • Generate more leads.
  1. Define your audience:This step is pivotal in the success of your content strategy. There is the need to research your audience to know the types of sites they like, where, and how they spend their time. Defining your target audience would help you lead potential customers down the sales funnel effectively, as you know where to meet them.
  2. Research what your audience needs:The best content strategy is one that meets the needs of the audience. You can uncover the unique needs of your audience through keyword research to increase traffic. The next is to research users’ intent. You could find out what your audience searches on Google and meet those needs specifically, which would increase your site’s visibility.
  3. Create a unique voice for your content: Amid the competition, sharing your unique points and the problems you solve would be an effective tool for connecting with your potential customers.
  4. The channels for publishing: There are different channels to publish content, but all do not produce the same results depending on your audience. Some of the channels are your website, blog, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, and other social channels. Content distribution should be on channels that have your audience’s attention the most.
  5. Content strategy evaluation: To produce result-drivencontent strategy, there is the need for continual evaluations. The metrics for evaluation could be consumption, sharing, lead generation, and sales. You can use different analytic tools and software to track the progress of each content and use the results for modification and optimization.
  6. Setting up an editorial calendar: This setup would help address the nitty-gritty details of the chosen channels and the time to publish the content. This calendar helps to track your content and improve your consistency in content creation.


For your content to rank high, you must put on the work and consistent efforts to make it happen. The content strategy covers the point of content production to the publishing channels, the results they are to achieve, and their current results. You can start your content strategy journey and watch your business grow significantly.

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